One month until Christmas, people. ONE MONTH!

And so as not to put the cart before the horse, let’s not be hasty and forget about the horse of a holiday headed our way tomorrow: Thanksgiving. Any day whose purpose revolves around food and football gets a very good rating in my book. AND the opportunity to be openly enthusiastic about the many blessings in life…this day could not get any better if it tried (unless it was Christmas…there’s just no topping December 25th).

Not the least of these many blessings is the fact that the much abhorred church bells outside of my apartment are still out of commission…the lack of noise pollution on a twice hourly basis is cause for an overjoyed attitude of gratitude.

Thank you Lord for the silent passing of the day, and for the innumerable blessings of every day, seen and unseen – all of which are far more significant than muted bells.