I can’t let this day pass without commenting on the near-miraculous snowfall this morning.

Anyone who has known me for longer than 5 minutes knows that I love snow more than just about anything (coffee, chocolate, and football notwithstanding). Last night I was hoping and wishing and praying that Rochester – located in the supposed Antarctic horror that is Western NY – would finally receive it’s first snow. What better day for a first snow than the first of December???

I woke up this morning and peeked through my window out of habit, not expecting to find a veritable winter wonderland glistening in the early morning light. In The Night Before Christmas fashion, I jumped out of bed and tore through the house, jumping up and down ecstatically (approximate time: 6:50 am) at seeing the full effect of the first snow through my living room windows (much to the chagrin of my neighbors below, I’m sure). The window was instantly thrown open, coffee was made, a background soundtrack of Christmas music was played, and I pulled a chair right up to the window to sit and stare in contented awe.

If people really do have love languages, then mine is snow. Without a doubt.