So tonight I had the joy of experiencing two vastly different emotions within a 60 minute time period. First was the charming reception I encountered while calling a prospective student about her application. Conversation was as follows:

Me: Hi, is Shelly* available?
Parent: Who is this?
Me: My name is Beka and I am Shelly’s admissions counselor at Roberts Wesleyan College.
Parent: (Puts hand over phone and yells) Shelly!
Shelly: What?
Parent: Phone.
Shelly: Who is it?
Parent: I don’t know, some admissions counselor from some damn college.
Shelly: (Pained sigh of exasperation) Hello…

*Names have been changed to protect the ridiculous.

Nothing gives me that fulfilled, contented feeling about slaving away daily, nightly, and occasionally weekendly in the Office of Admissions like an open display of warmth and appreciation. Shocking, but it turns out Shelly does not want to attend Roberts Wesleyan College. Which begs the question: Why did you apply?

Little did I know that in a matter of minutes I would be crying. Not due to the pain of rejection, but in response to one of the funniest YouTube videos I have ever seen. (Bonus: I also discovered two new amazing blogs in the process; props to Snoodlings and Carpool Queen for making my day today and predictably many more days to come in the future.) Please stop whatever you are doing and read the following post/watch the YouTube video it contains. Trust me, you won’t soon regret it: