Mom: I’m thinking we’ll have apple sauce as the vegetable tomorrow. I can’t think of anything else.
Me: Do you like brussels sprouts?
Mom: EW. UGH. Wait…do YOU like brussels sprouts???
Me: Yes!
Mom: Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?
Me: I’d never ever had them before last week! My childhood was devoid of sprouts because you don’t like them.
Mom: Who are you? Some veggie loving hippie?
Me: Yes. Clearly.
Mom: (throws her hands up and starts singing) Peace, love, and brussels sprouts!
Me: Ok then, apple sauce as the vegetable it is.
Mom: (Can’t hear me because she’s still laughing.)

Family, the true gift of Christmas.

(And apparently all of my posts have to be named after Christmas songs this week. I can’t help it…I am a woman consumed by carols.)

(Also, I just found out that its “brussels sprouts” not “brussel sprouts.” Who knew?)