So, this was a first:

1. Walked out of grocery store and found car.
2. Got in and put bags on passenger seat.
3. Put key in the ignition and turned…nothing.
4. Flipped the key around (still not sure why I thought that would change anything) and tried again…nothing.

My first instinct was to groan at the thought that my car was dead. An occurrence far from a first. My second instinct was to realize that the smokey smell, the leather portfolio on the passenger seat, the white labels behind the speedometer were all traits that are not descriptive of my car.

Yep. In someone else’s identical white car. Two cars down from mine.

My overactive imagination had just enough time to picture the car’s owner irately pounding on the window and me being taken away by police escort before I jumped out and into my real car.

A first, and a new low. Wow.