As a flashback to the schooldays of yore, here’s a word problem for you:

If Beka has a hair appointment at 2:15pm in her hometown that is four hours away from the town where she lives now, what time does she need to leave in order to be there on time?

a) 10:15am
b) 11:15am
c) 2:15pm
d) I don’t know but I see where this is going and it’s not good…

I chose b. I chose b without a second thought and in full faith that I would arrive at my destination on time. It was only until I counted the hours backwards on my fingers during the drive home that I realized, with pained groans, that I was going to miss my first hair cut in 7 MONTHS (thank you, admissions, for that sad fate). Not only do I still look like a beast, now I mirror both the appearance and education of a cavewoman.

Needless to say, I’m rescheduling my appointment. And stopping payment on my college loans.