So because it is winter break we have had about a thousand prospective students visiting our hallowed halls this week. With an individual visit comes an interview with your admissions counselor, along with an information session for your whole family. This morning I interviewed a student and then brought her mom and 5 year old brother back for the info session. The poor little guy was trying so hard to be content while imprisoned in a tiny room with no entertainment, so he kept himself busy by writing a letter. To his mom. It said:

“Dear Mom,

I like cheese.”

It made me laugh out loud. All day long. And it made me so appreciate a childlike worldview. I love it that kids are so much better at noticing and embracing the real stuff of life than adults are. Jesus knew what he was talking about when he told us to have faith like a child. It makes sense.

In honor of my new young friend, I think I’ll make macaroni and cheese for dinner. Just because I like it.