I’m fairly certain that all signs of life ceased when I saw this:

And this:

Yet it is those intangibles that had Packers coach Mike McCarthy and even general manager Ted Thompson expressing what I believe to be honestly glowing assessments of Tebow’s potential. Remember, McCarthy and Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements provided the modern template for developing a young quarterback prospect during two years with Aaron Rodgers. Among the improvements they made was smoothing out Rodgers’ throwing motion, now considered one of the prettiest (and most successful) in the NFL.

According to my colleagues who attended the combine interview sessions, McCarthy admitted he doesn’t know enough about Tebow to make a full evaluation yet. But, McCarthy said, “I would definitely love to coach him.”

McCarthy added: “I think the guy’s a winner, just the way he plays the game. I know a lot’s being said about his mechanics. Just the way he approaches the game of football, I think he’ll do everything he needs to do to improve. But you look for football players. And his record in college, I think, speaks for itself. But I’d love the opportunity to work with a Tim Tebow.”

Please Lord, let it be so. And let me find a dairy truck on its way to Wisconsin that I can jump into.