I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. So much, in fact, that it ties with Super Bowl Sunday as my 2nd favorite day of the entire year (Christmas has a deadlock on 1st). And here are the lucky 7 reasons why I love St. Patrick’s Day:

1. I spent well over half of my life as an Irish Dancer. Please see the blinding, sequined proof below:

2. Little known fact: March Madness applies to both basketball players and Irish dancers alike. March was the month of endless shows and festivals, of dancing in parades/grocery stores/radio shows/psych wards/music halls/elementary schools. Usually over the course of 72 hours. It was wonderful.

3. It’s the greenest day of the year!!! Everything and everyone adopts a little green for the day. And for this lover of all things green, it’s a beautiful sight to be seen.

4. Shamrock Shakes, green frosted cupcakes and cookies, mint brownies, and about a thousand other delicacies sure to send you into a sugar coma are not only allowed, but are enthusiastically consumed on St. Patrick’s Day.

5. It’s exactly one month until my birthday (which, this year, is a sad reminder that I’m running a half-marathon in one month…and a reminder to run off the aforementioned treats in #4 after work).

6. Because of my ardent love for the day, wonderful people who are too good to me make the day extra special. Case in point: this morning, my amazing friend Marissa stopped by my office and brought me about a million wonderful things including but not limited to a Shamrock Shake, shamrock socks, an “Irresistible Irish” pin, and…the most amazing combination of my two favorite days…a leprechaun snow globe!!! Can we all just say together, holy Irish goodness. What a way to start the day. Thank you, Marissa!!!

7. And last but not least, I get to go on ad nauseum, like this, about how much I love St. Patrick’s Day all day long. And play Irish music. And wear all green. And love being Irish. I do all of things every day, but today is the day to celebrate!!!

So please do me a favor and enjoy this day. Eat something with green frosting, listen to a little Great Big Sea, and watch the Irish Dancers on the evening news. And if nothing else…enjoy the fact that St. Patrick’s Day means the coming of spring! It’s right around the corner!