Ok. There is something about Easter candy. I would wager it is the most alluring of all seasonal treats, Thanksgiving and Christmas included. Thanksgiving is just one day and Christmas treats are abundant, but non-specific. Check out the usual suspects that Easter rounds up:


Cadbury Creme Eggs. Classic. Some people say they’re too sweet; I say they’re just right.


Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Potentially even better than the creme eggs, if such a thing were possible.


The Cadbury Train continues with Cadbury Mini Eggs (and two thumbs way up for the Cadbury family…you make my life a better place). These have been sitting in a bowl on my desk for two days and I’m fairly certain I’ve eaten 90% of them. I’m also fairly certain that the devil himself laid them. They are that addicting.


Holy peanut butter overload. It’s twice the goodness of a Reese’s PB cup in one delicious egg-shaped package!


This, my friends, is a Snickers egg. If you are unfamiliar with it, become acquainted as soon as humanly possible. These delicacies were recently introduced into my life and I desperately wish we had met sooner.


No wonder the robins come back in the spring! It’s specifically to roost in these nests…and then eat them.


Jackpot: Russell Stover Eggs. Any variety is fair game, but it is my personal conviction that the Raspberry Creme ones are the best, with coconut and strawberry following close behind (on my behind) in second place.


Let’s not forget about Peter Rabbit, the founding father of Easter candy. No wonder there are so many viable confectionery options considering the multiplicity habits of rabbits.

And here’s the best part: we are only scratching the surface, people! The myriad of Easter candy I’d be happy to see in my basket is really unquantifiable (jelly beans and peeps excluded…I know it’s unorthodox but I just don’t like them).

Did I miss anyone’s favorite? Shout it out if so, and be sure to enjoy the bounty of goodness that awaits at your local CVS sometime over the next few days. It’s too good to miss out on!