Congratulations to April Fool’s Day, who potentially for the first time in history joined in on the fun and played a prank on the world – specifically Western NY – in the form of disguising itself in 70 degree temperatures and parading around as August. Well done, April Fool’s Day, well done. It seems as though April plans to continue fooling us for the rest of the weekend, and I am all for it! Bring on the sunshine!

In other news, Relevant strikes again, this time delivering an insightful article on the production of chocolate. A very welcome reminder, especially considering the bounty of treats we discussed yesterday. I really wish everything in the world came with production information, like nutritional information, so you could see exactly where, how, and by whom the thing you are buying was produced. I wonder how many fewer/different things I would buy if I really knew more about their production.

In still other news, right now I’m watching Up in the Air, and I think it’s going to be really good. Official consensus to follow later this weekend.