People…I’ve been MIA for days, and for good reason. And that reason is the pure glory that was Rochester this weekend! OH MY WORD. It was absolutely beautiful. I probably spent 72% of the past 72 hours outside. There’s so much to catch up on, so I’ll just give you the briefing photo-journal style:

There was a lot of walking. Oh, was there ever a lot of walking. As in multiple trips to the canal, to parks, around the neighborhood, and basically anywhere else my feet would carry me.

There was a lot of sunshine. Oh, was there ever a lot of sunshine. It was over EIGHTY degrees on Friday AND Saturday!!! More delightful weather on an Easter weekend has never been known.

There is no way to relate the total amount of ice cream that was involved.

Same goes for chocolate.

And eggs! As per beloved, annual father-daughter tradition.

And beauty. There was so much beauty in the weather, in friends and family, in the hope that Easter represents. Hope all of you had a beautiful weekend, too!