Christians of the world, let’s face it: we’re a quirky bunch. Sometimes it irritates me, but most of the time it’s fascinating. Which is why I love the website (soon to be book!) Stuff Christians Like. And this post – because of its wrenching truthfulness – made me laugh out loud:

#96: Using God’s favorite word

For centuries, we Christians have secretly used God’s favorite word in all our prayers. To even mention it, I embrace great danger and peril and risk and other words that mean bad things could happen to me. This word, above all others ensures that God will hear your prayers and answer them quickly and awesomely. To put this powerful word in the hands of non-believers could mean that I am banished to the balcony at church and everyone knows that the holy spirit only touches people on the ground floor during service. But I must share. I am of course speaking of the word “just.” Here is how we use it in prayers:

“Lord, just hear us tonight. We just lift up our hands to you and pray that you will just send you love down to us in ways we just can’t understand. Take us just as we are Lord. Just, just. Just, just.”
I added those four for emphasis but it’s not far off from the truth. I’m not sure why we do but I should probably apologize. Next time someone prays you’re going to have highly refined “just radar” and will probably be thinking in your head, “I hate that site stuff christians like.”

(I just want to thank all the people that suggested this word just. There are just too many to thank individually.)