Pioneer Woman, will you ever stop sharing products that are too good to be true? I sure hope not, since this morning’s post about Knock Knock products made my day. In their own words, Knock Knock is, “a product design company with aspirations to greatness. We concoct, manufacture, and distribute witty objects of cosmopolitan panache from our shamelessly sunny perch on the left-hand coast.” And they do not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorites:

Corporate Flashcards:

Perfect for the recent graduate entering the working world, these flashcards promise to help the recipient “speak suit in no time!”

“Just Thought You Should Know” Sticky:

Perfect for those times that require subtlety. Oh, the fun I would have with these.

“I Didn’t Realize You Were Cool Until” Sticky:

Perfect for letting someone know that they aren’t as lame as you thought they were.

Fashion Citation:

Perfect for bringing along on the first warm day of the year when people run amok with a) spring fever and b) ill-advised wardrobe choices.

To Don’t List:

Perfect for all of the overachievers in the world who need an anti-productivity list. Myself included.

Reality Check File Folders:

Perfect for making me laugh out loud. This one gets me every time.

I could seriously post their entire website here but I’ll stop now before I actually do. If you need a laugh, look no further than Knock Knock. This was an excellent way to start the day.