I took a gillion pictures this weekend (if a gillion equals over 200). In an attempt not to post every single photo, here are my favorite 4 – 8 pictures from our 48 hour trip.

As I sit here and type in the frigid 37 degrees at 10:00am in mid-April, it’s easy to look back 5 days and 500 miles ago and think that the sunshine and warmth were the best part now that they are a distant, distant memory. And they were pretty well near the top. This is our hotel, the same one that gave us warm cookies when we checked in. Really…why did we leave???

Oh my word, the flowers. The flowers were in bloom EVERYWHERE. It was so beautiful. So, so beautiful.

To someone who is not addicted to coffee, going to Starbucks after running a half-marathon would just be a nice perk. For me, it was the reason I continued breathing for the rest of the day. I may not have made it without the above beverages, which were emptied immediately. It was kind of like hooking up to an IV.

The downtown mall in Charlottesville is SO wonderful – a long stretch of shops and restaurants all leading up to a huge pavilion where summer concerts are held. It’s amazing the kinds of things you can do outdoors when it’s not too cold to go outside for 9 months of the year.

I just like this one. So colorful! These were inside a bead shop in the downtown mall.

Dear University of Virginia, your campus made my drool. And hyperventilate. Simultaneously.

Enough with the flowers…I know…but they were just too pretty not to include!

Everyone should have a friend like Bethany. The kind of friend who you can laugh with and cry with, but end up laughing with more often than not. Roadtrip buddy and friend extraordinaire, this trip would not have been nearly half as fun without you!

Because I can’t control myself, there will probably be more pictures posted eventually. It’s a sickness. But these are definitely a few of my favorites, and I will definitely be referencing them often as I long for temperatures that are not in the thirties.

Good grief.