For reasons which are still vaguely mysterious to me and most people who know me, I recently ran a half-marathon.

And since then, I’ve been wondering what one does after running a half-marathon? (For those of you who think the obvious answer is “run a full marathon,” I hope you can hear me laughing through the computer screen.) You can’t just go back to not running a half-marathon, to not having any particular athletic achievement in mind. That would be undoing all of the wondering doing you’ve been doing. And you don’t want to do that.

But what to do, that’s the question. Options have been rolling around inside my brain: climb a mountain? learn how to kayak? see if they’ll let me backstroke my way through the swimming section and attempt a triathlon? As the good folks at Campbells say, oh, the possibilities.

But after a visit to a favorite website, I knew precisely what the next chapter in this unexpected new book in my life would be.

Has anyone ever heard of Love 146? If not, stop reading this and go check out their website. Then come back.

So, Love 146 is an organization that is seeking to end child sex-trafficking throughout the world. Aside from providing top-notch prevention, aftercare, and research, they are also really outstanding about getting the word out in an educational, culturally relevant way. Their latest project is a fundraiser called “Tread on Trafficking.” I’ll let them explain what it’s all about:

What are you running for? This spring, put some purpose in your pace and and join Love146 in the fight against child sex trafficking while you shake off the winter blues and get ready for summer. From May 1st to June 30th, the miles you run, walk or swim can count towards a better life for survivors of child sex trafficking. It’s easy. Find people to sponsor you for your miles and then do your miles anywhere; on the elliptical, in the pool, around the neighborhood.

Behold, my newest endeavor. I can’t wait.

Here’s the deal: I started a team called “Roberts Runners” and if you would like to join the cause and plow through miles in whichever way is most appealing to you, please feel free to do so here. (Disclaimer: you do not have to be from Roberts or be a runner to join!) If you are not so keen on joining but would like to help out by sponsoring the team, please feel more than welcome to do so here by searching for me under “Beka Watts.”

Whether or not you are able to participate, I hope you can spend some time learning more about the organization, the very real problem of child sex trafficking, and the life-changing restoration that takes place through love. It’s amazing!