As I’ve mentioned before, being an admissions counselor offers a person a wealth of experiences foreign to most. This week’s trip falls under that category.

For one thing, the habits of high school students are in a league of their own. Students who come to the table to “talk” to me about their college search while texting/talking on their cell/jamming to their iPod boggle my mind. (I’m not even that far out of my teenage years and even I think that the third arm of electronics attached to every adolescent is ridiculous.) Also mind-boggling are the questions asked.

Oh, the questions.

My classic favorite is asked when students are filling out our info card and arrive at the line for “date” and feel the need to ask, “like, today’s date?” My new favorite question is one that was asked of the counselor from Rivier College, a small private school in New Hampshire. She was explaining the location of the college when a student interrupted with, “Wait…what state is New Hampshire in?”

If only I were kidding.

The habits of admissions counselors are also in a league of their own, though this mainly pertains to food. When there is food outside the realm of mini muffins, cookies, or cheese and crackers offered at the reception area of a fair surrounding people should be warned to run for cover because a stampede will soon ensue. Last year at the same fair I attended this week they ordered boxed lunches for us from Panera and put a variety of them on two tables in the middle of an atrium.

And then the masses were released.

It was like a scene from a watering hole in sub-Saharan Africa. You would have thought that people hadn’t eaten in weeks and were waiting for bags of rice to drop out of the sky. That was the level of ruckus over a ham sandwich with chips and a cookie. I feared for life and limb. This year, they cut to the chase and gave us each a gift card to Panera instead. I was thankful for that.

I am also thankful to be back, even though it was a very nice short trip filled with a much-appreciated afternoon of warm sunshine. And I am thankful for the impending weekend, which will start off gloriously tonight with the season premiere of Friday Night Lights!!! Can I get an Amen?