I added on a few days to the front and back of the already long holiday weekend to form an even longer weekend. It was glorious. But, as life would have it, a price must be paid for all of that carefree summer fun, and that price is an overflowing inbox. I had a dream that it exploded…and I wasn’t too far off. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t tend to it immediately upon arriving this morning that emails would have started to seep through my computer screen and onto my lap, begging for some attention.

I still have some catching up to do but I feel like I’ve been neglecting you all for the past few days so before I return to full-speed-ahead office life I just wanted to say hi and tell you three things:

1. I entered into a non-committed relationship with Blueberry Cobbler coffee from Leaf & Bean with ample amounts of fear and trepidation. For the most part I try a new blend every time I purchase coffee, but usually stay within the parameters of normalcy: hazelnut, cinnamon, and vanilla tones, for example.  Staking the amount of sanity my waking hours contain on a promising but unproven bag of fruity beans was a substantial risk, primarily for my coworkers and anyone else whose path crosses mine before 10am. A bad cup(s) of coffee spells disaster for one and all. However, after having brewed the first cup(s) of Blueberry Cobbler this morning, I can say with assurance that very good mornings are on the way! This coffee is AMAZING. If it was on Facebook, our status would have changed from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship.”

2. Surprisingly, that is not my new thing for the week, even though technically it could be. I think that means I’m officially living on the wild side.

3. While attempting to compose point #1, I misspelled Blueberry Cobbler about a million and five times. The best faux paus of the bunch was “Blurberry Hobble,” which sounds like it could be the name of an up-and-coming racehorse.

And with that, it’s time to give my inbox a final dose of TLC. Happy Wednesday, everyone!