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Part 2: Sandwich

Part 3: Potential Career

This edition of mixing it up brings you more than just a made-for-blog episode of Food Network fun. This week, my something new was something huge. In fact, I could have lent it to the bride as her something new, because I was attending as her first-time-ever-wedding-photographer.


Oh my word.

Let’s back track a bit: About two months ago Stephanie, a delightful friend from high school, contacted me about the possibility of doing her wedding photos. Although I was beyond flattered that she would even consider me, I was immediately hesitant. Reasons being: a) I have less professional experience than most high school students in a basic photography class, b) I just started taking photography seriously about a year ago, and c) The idea of being solely responsible for images of one day that can never be replicated but will be cherished for a lifetime freaked me the heck out.

I had already decided I would probably say no when I wandered over to BA’s cubicle and told her the story. When I arrived at, “but I don’t think I’m going to do it because I’m definitely not ready yet,” she gave me the look to end all looks. It was the look that says, “are you kidding???” which she followed by vocalizing, “Are you kidding???” She told me in no uncertain terms that I was in fact ready and that I would be stupid not to do it and that she probably wouldn’t be my friend if I said no.

Everyone should have a friend like BA. The kind who isn’t afraid to slap you around when you need slapping, to tell you how it is when you are convinced about how it isn’t. Thanks, BA!

So after doing a 180 in BA’s cubicle, I called Stephanie and within a few days I was officially her wedding photographer. It was at this point that I stopped freaking out (read: started freaking out in unquantifiable measures) and got down to business. After reading every wedding photography blog on the internet, adding some new features to my basic equipment, and practicing with anyone who would get in front of my camera, I hit the road last weekend and traveled home for Stephanie’s big day.

(Funny side note: When I left my parent’s house to go shoot the wedding I asked them if they had any final words of wisdom. My dad, always the soft and encouraging one, said, “Just be yourself! You’ll be great!” My mom, from whom I get my occasionally out of control competitive drive channeled Nike and went with, “JUST DO IT!!!”)

All in all, I think it went pretty well for my first time around! The majority of the time I was just running around like a woman possessed with my finger permanently attached to the shutter. From the outside looking in it was probably like watching a normal wedding photographer on heaps and heaps of steroids, but I really wanted to make sure I captured every detail and had as many pictures to pick from as possible. I’m still in the process of choosing and editing them, but here’s a sneak peak at one of my favorites so far (full post with more pictures to come in the future!):

Stephanie and Micheal, thank you SO MUCH for trusting me with your day and giving me such a wonderful opportunity! I had a blast and wish you both all the best as you start your lives together!