Today, because last night was not kind to me in the way of sleep, I will be saving any original thinking for tomorrow’s post and passing along an excellent read from the always reliable Jon Acuff. I promise that my reading habits do extend beyond the Stuff Christians Like blog, although evidence would suggest the contrary. (Incidentally, I was going to post today about a wonderful book I just finished. However, my debatable state of consciousness isn’t allowing me to come up with anything more thought-provoking to say about it than “It was good!” so we’ll be saving that post for another day.) Today’s SCL post offered me a much-appreciated dose of timely advice, and I hope it offers the same to you. Here’s the full article, and here’s the opening paragraph (and all the incentive you need to click on that link and read the full article):

Is the name Carrie Underwood real or is that her stage name? I only ask because it sounds so perfectly country it almost seems fake. Like former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. If that’s not a fake name then that kid had two options growing up:

1. Be the quarterback of Texas.

2. Rob stagecoaches.

I think about names sometimes. Justin Timberlake’s name seems kind of fake too. It’s almost too awesome, like if my name was “Jonathan Mountainstream.” Please call me that from here on out. The real reason I think about Carrie Underwood sometimes though isn’t her name, it’s her song, “Jesus take the wheel.”

(Side Question for the Comment Section: what would be the awesome version of your name? I’m still coming up with mine…I’ll be sure to let you know what it is when my brain processes this question 5 hours from now.)