I had a thousand and five things to do yesterday.

Literally. I counted.

So I planned on being a productivity machine, a non-stop flurry of action from dawn until dusk.

And then…this happened:

And my plans crumbled into a smoldering heap as I made my way to the park and lounged on a picnic table for the next 3 hours (two of which would be spent drifting in and out of sleep…and in and out of varying degrees of burn, in which I switched places with my plans and became the smoldering heap myself).

But really, it just wouldn’t have been right to waste the day “getting things done” when the view from my picnic table perch looked like this:

And this!

And this!!!

It would have been a crime to spend the day in any other way. My to-do list is longer and my back is a few shades shy of stop sign, but I am one happy woman.

(This is what weekends were made for!)