Really, what’s better than summer? Basically nothing beats a perfect summer day. I couldn’t let the official start to the season go by without honoring it with a Top 10 List, so here we go:

The Top 10 Things I Love About Summer

(In the order in which I thought of them…does it surprise you that the first 3 are food? It shouldn’t.)

1. Soft Ice Cream – [twist with rainbow sprinkles]

2. Hard Ice Cream – [Bruster’s Graham Central Station/Perry’s Panda Paws]

3. Lemonade – [mango, raspberry, strawberry…the list goes on and on]

4. Beach – [as Brad Paisley would say, a place to sit somewhere near the water is just about as good as it gets]

5. Windows Down – [and good music blaring]

6. Sunrise/Sunset/Sunshine – [emphasis on sun]

7. Flip Flops – [I have enough Old Navy $2 flip flops to sandal a small country]

8. Fruit – [on cereal, on ice cream, in salads, or just by itself!]

9. Fireworks on the 4th of July – [a summer staple]

10. The Sentiment of Summer – [carefree, easy-going, fun – it’s the season of happy]

Chime in, everyone! What are your favorite things about summer?