I tried.

I tried to go without coffee this morning and replace it with water. I tried because sunburn+whirlwind roadtrip home+18 lbs of cookies and brownies have left me feeling like hydration in place of caffeination would be a good thing. And it probably would have been, had my fortitude lasted longer than a 10 year old dollar store battery.

Let the record show that my willpower crumbled at 10:22am. But really…the decision to cave was more in protection of my coworkers than anything else. They already had to deal with me in rare form on Monday and Tuesday, so it wouldn’t be fair to subject them to anymore of my wrath. I would also like to get a thing or two done between now and the end of the day, and I don’t foresee that happening without a little caffeinated motivation.

I’ll save achievement and resolve for another day.