1. The title of this post could also stand for Monday In Action, since in a few minutes I will head to work and my Monday will kick into high gear. This is because we have RWConnection, our freshman summer orientation, today and tomorrow, and consequently life as I know it will be paused until Tuesday afternoon. And because I am insane, I’m also going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse on Tuesday at midnight. By Wednesday I will be The Pile of Flesh Formerly Known as Beka, so for the next 48 – 72 hours you can consider me MIA in the blogging world.

2. The 3000% humidity today is not helping matters. My hair tends to react violently to extra moisture in the air, so I’m considering crossing “Beka” off of my nametag today and writing in “Diana.” Admissions counselor by day, lead singer of The Supremes by night.

3. I was blessed with an opportunity to shoot another wedding this past weekend, and it was wonderful! Here’s a quick sneak peek at a few pre-ceremony shots:

4. While editing this weekend, I caught up on movie rentals and watched Leap Year, Alice in Wonderland, and Remember Me. Leap Year was awful, Alice in Wonderland was great, and Remember Me was the best of them all. Outstanding movie with an ending that will absolutely break your heart.

And with that, it’s time to go. Happy Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, everyone!