I’ve been so remiss in posting this week that I felt like I needed to make it up to you guys with a jaw-dropping post today. I started wracking my brain for earth-shattering material, but let’s face it…I do not routinely shatter the earth. So I started to think of others things I could share. I already told you about the bewildering cookie escapade and I doubted you wanted me to go on ad nauseam about the wonder that was Eclipse. I’m not done editing wedding photos yet and I haven’t mixed it up lately. I was at a loss.

THEN, brain-lightning struck. And I realized I haven’t even told you guys about the most substantial life event to come my way in recent memory! Sometimes the big picture escapes me, which must be why I choose to tell you about Zumba classes but forget to tell you about life-changing decisions.

So everyone, here’s the press release: My days in the Office of Admissions are numbered. I’m leaving my life as a responsible member of the working class in favor of a brief foray into nomadic existence.

Let me explain.

I’ve loved being an admissions counselor. More than that, I’ve loved working in our office. I could not ask for better coworkers. But I’ve been feeling convicted that it’s time to leave the comforts of the known in exchange for the challenges of the unknown. It’s a well-documented fact that I hate change. Loathe it. But since I know that I do not want to be an admissions counselor for the rest of my life it logically followed that at some point in time I was going to have to leave and try something new.

But what to do?

That was the question, and the answer was unexpected. I assumed that I would leave this job and take another job. Because, you know, that’s a logical assumption. But we all know what happens when one assumes.

So instead of going from one job to the next, I’m going from one job to the next to the next to the next in a 3 month road trip. Starting in September I’ll be circling the country, working and volunteering and visiting friends. I’ll also be blogging and photographing and hopefully learning a lot more than I ever could otherwise.

Here’s the thing: I have no idea what I want to do in the sense of having a career, and honestly, I’m tired of trying to figure it out. But I have a thousand ideas of what I want to do in the sense of having a real life, and honestly, I’m tired of not doing any of those things. I couldn’t see committing to a new job and a new contract in an effort to be practical when I was so convicted to have faith in a plan that was less conventional and more transformational.

And here’s another thing: I’ve spent the majority of my life living in New York and doing things that come naturally to me. I haven’t seen most of the rest of the country I live in and rarely consider doing things I haven’t done before. But how can I know where I want to live if I’ve only lived in one place? And how can I know what I want to do if I’ve only done a few things? It would be like living in a grocery store and never leaving the snack aisle. If I was born and bred in the snack aisle and decided to make it my permanent residence, I could survive. I’d probably even be happy feasting on Cheetos and Pop Tarts all day. But I’d never know what was outside of the snack aisle. I’d never know that there were oranges and ice cream and steak and pasta right around the corner unless I left the snack aisle and explored the rest of the store.

I want to explore the rest of the store.

So, friends, that’s that. I’m so excited to (finally) share this news with you, and promise to keep you posted as plans progress.

Until then, have a GREAT long weekend! Make sure to do everything on the official 4th of July checklist: go see fireworks, watch a parade, eat a hamburger, and spend the whole day outside!