1. As previously mentioned, my parents came up for the weekend. We made dinner…

and my Mom keeled over…

and went to the Chil-E fest for fireworks…

All in all, it was a great weekend!

2. The sun woke me up on Monday morning. It was wonderful.

3. This weekend was all about food. So, so much food. Simply Crepes and summer rolls and Greek turkey burgers and watermelon and french toast breakfast bake and Tully’s chicken fingers and…a lost battle with ice cream. Yes…I fought the law and the law won…the law of cold things in hot places. I got soft serve yesterday and it melted into a river before I could channel that river into my mouth. It was unfortunate…very unfortunate.

4. This weekend was also all about magazines; I finally caught up on all 8 million I subscribe to but haven’t had a chance to read yet. It was amazing.

5. For the past few months every time I ride my bike I feel like such a loser. More than a loser, I feel like the world’s biggest pansy. This is because I go from pedaling to exhaustion in 60 seconds flat. Seriously…I do the ride of shame home after about 10 minutes. I figured I was just out of shape, but this weekend my dad took a look at my tires and decided they could use some TLC. Turns out my tires, designed to accommodate 50 lbs of pressure, were holding about 8 lbs each. I went for a ride yesterday with my newly inflated tires and needless to say…I feel substantially better about myself now.

6. My apartment = surface of the sun. But I’m trying to savor the heat in light of the fact that it will be winter again in about 3 months.

How about you guys? How was your long weekend? Hope it was great – happy back-to-reality day, everyone!