So…I just stopped throwing too much stuff in my suitcase to talk to you guys because I realized that I never blogified the event that is warranting my current state of frenzied packing. (A note: please disregard all run-on sentences and any semblance of grammar…it’s being sacrificed out of necessity due to time constraints.)

I’m going to San Diego!!! Seriously, and I’m going in the blink of an eye…which is the reason behind the whirlwind packing that I put off to the last minute. There’s been so much going on lately that I completely forgot to mention the trip here, but basically it’s the best send-off from admissions I could ever possibly hope for: my last official trip as an admissions counselor is a week-long west coast youth conference at Point Loma Nazarene University with fellow counselor and friend, Morgan. I am thrilled beyond words and then some.

That means for the rest of this week I will be broadcasting live and on-location from San Diego (sounds real official, doesn’t it?) – at least in between the times when I am not basking in the sun, lying on the beach, eating Pinkberry, and taking a thousand pictures of every palm tree I see…and everything else I see. And now, since we all know how much packing vexes me, it’s back to talking myself out of bringing everything I own to the other side of the country for a week. Wish me luck.