Oh my word, people. Where to begin??? So much has happened since last we chatted! The only way to effectively relay events without turning this into the Anna Karenina of blog posts is to go through the past 24 hours in a visual play by play. And quickly, because I’m fading fast. And even more quickly, because I’m so excited to tell you all about our SoCal adventures.


Let’s talk about THIS: I don’t even like hamburgers. I’m not opposed to the idea of beef, but if I’m going to eat an animal in a sandwich I’d rather it be a chicken. All of the Chick-Fil-A advertising must have gotten to me. But these burgers…they’re a whole other story. They are incredible. I ordered mine “protein style” which means it came wrapped in lettuce sans bun, and it was to die for. Literally, if you’re the cow. But almost literally, if you’re me.

In-n-out burger, you were the best possible first stop we could have made. I adore you.

This is a wall of hummus. A hummus wall, if you will. A WALL. This wall is located in Trader Joe’s, where my tent is also located as I will be camping out inside of their store for the rest of my days. You know why?

Because the wall of dried fruit is located right next to it. And there’s a wall of all kinds of trail mix right next to this that I couldn’t even photograph because I was too busy figuring out how I am going to get rid of all of my belongings so I can pack 50 lbs of Trader Joe’s goods in my suitcase.

This is what our floor looked like after we came home from Trader Joe’s. All I can say is that we had been awake for 20 hours at this point…and opening everything we purchased seemed like a good idea at the time.

Since my body is still on good ole EST I woke up around 5:30am and thought I would go out and watch the sunrise. I thought it would be beautiful to watch the sun rise over the ocean…then I remembered that we are on the Pacific Ocean (literally…our dorm overlooks the ocean) so the likelihood of that happening was slim to none.

So instead I decided to do a little exploring around the city.

And I’m so glad I did. Good morning, sunshine.

On my way back from my sunrise adventures, I spotted this woman hula hooping in an empty parking lot with multiple hoops, no less. It struck me as very California. People are happy here. And friendly! It must be all the Vitamin D.

Remember the Friends episode when Ross dates the dirty girl? This is her car.

I love how everything is so different here – the plants, the architecture, the menu at Starbucks…

When we exit our dorm, this is the opposing view. It’s quite different from looking across the street from my apartment and seeing the Pearce playground.

And now…to end on a high note…

Jamba Juice. Also known as that place I will be living once Trader Joe’s kicks me out.

People…the west coast has it GOING ON in the food department. Healthy? Organic? GOOD? Yes, yes, and heck yes.

If it weren’t for exciting plans looming in the future, Jamba Juice would have had a new employee as of 9:00am.

Stayed tuned for a recap of today’s excitement, which may or may not have included an island, a guy named Miguel, and something that rhymes with sinkmerry.

San Diego = outstanding indescribable wonderful fantastic AMAZING!