For the majority of the past decade, I’ve had four eyes. And relished them.

I love, love, love my glasses. I feel like my face is complete with them on. But diving into photography has been a stumbling block in our relationship. It’s hard to look through the lens with my glasses acting as a barrier but also hard to focus accurately without them.

So, I mixed it up. I got contacts.

Which is to say I got contacts, other contacts, contacts again, and one last pair of contacts. My eyes rebelled at the separation from glasses and refused to work with any combination of prescriptions (downright shocking that any part of me would be hesitant to change). At my last visit to the eye doctor I promised her that someday she would walk out of her office and not see me in the waiting room, and I think that day is today! We finally found a pair that works!

Although…I will definitely not be wearing them all the time. I’ve found that glasses are to me as long locks are to Samson: they’re the source of all my powers. I feel so much more confident and quippy and normal with them on…my face feels naked sans glasses.

On the other hand, not wearing them this week has proved helpful since they would have been foggy 97% of the time.  The it’s-my-last-week-of-work-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to waterworks have been on full tilt all week. It’s been great.