Two years ago I walked into our office, turned the corner to my desk, and read “Beka Watts, Admissions Counselor” on the sign outside of my cubicle. Before I could control what was flowing from my brain to my mouth I said, “Wow…I’m an admissions counselor.” The phrase was not said with joy and anticipation, it was said with despair and a hint of disdain. Being an admissions counselor is one of the things I vowed I would never do and finding myself walking into a cubicle bearing my name with that title left me feeling none too pleased.

But, as always, God knew me better than I knew myself and blessed me yet again with immeasurably more than I could ever ask for or imagine. The two years I’ve spent in this office have encompassed every adjective in the book and then some – challenging, rewarding, bewildering, comforting, and most of all, unforgettable. I have SO MANY great memories from this job – like being told by a student I was interviewing that I didn’t understand, she didn’t need to fill out an application because she had written a book and that should warrant immediate acceptance. And wading through shin-deep water with Bethany for 3 days promoting Roberts at Soul Fest, and having the event organizers come with shovels to dig a trench through our tent. And coming in the day after Brett Favre decided to play for the Vikings to everyone supporting me in a subconscious array of black clothing. And using Friends quotes as a constant separate language. And laughing more than I’ve ever laughed before. And having coworkers become friends become family.

I’m stopping now because it’s too early in the day to cry again, but THANK YOU to everyone at Roberts who made my time here so special. I’m going to miss you all so much and appreciate you more than you know!