I’ve been known to dig my heels in on occasion. These occasions tend to happen fairly frequently.

My most recent surge of stubborn has taken the form of a battle royal with my freezer, which is not so much a freezer as it is the original Ice Box. Defrosting this thing is a beast…the only last time I did it I was up half the night collecting ice chunks from the kitchen floor. So a few months ago I decided that I would not defrost my freezer again before moving out this summer.

And this is what happened.

Don’t look at the bottom left, where the ice box may or may not be cracking under the pressure of 50 lbs of freezer burn. Or the top, which I’m slanting as a “hearty supply of ice” for the next tenant. Luckily there’s just enough height left for a carton of Ben and Jerry’s…although not much else.

But really, what else do I need?