Oh, how this post pains me.

Case in point: I walked into Simply Crepes on Wednesday morning to a waitress who looked at me and said, “Simply Strawberry Crepe and French Vanilla coffee, right?”

Yes…that would be correct.

I know it boggles the mind to think that I would be a creature of habit…but if your favorite food looked like this, would you ever order anything else?

Nope, you would not.

My favorite weekend morning looks like this: sunrise bike ride on the canal, breakfast at Simply Crepes, yoga at Breathe, morning perusing the gigantic Barnes & Noble, lunch at the gigantic Pittsford Wegmans. It’s Saturday perfection. And there’s also Camille’s…and Aladdin’s…and Bill Wahl’s…and so much more! Most of my weekends contain at least one trip to Pittsford; it’s without a doubt my favorite place in Rochester and I will miss it significantly.

Someone needs to start working on a instant travel machine.