As previously mentioned…I’m never moving again.

This may pose a problem for my parents, who were probably not expecting their adult daughter to move back in and stay for a lifetime. Sorry, Mom and Dad. This may also pose a problem for any social life I might aspire to have. Sorry, future husband and children. However, these are inconsequential details. I’m never moving again.

Partially because it is (self-imposed) torture to transport all of my earthly possessions up and down stairs and in and out of vehicles and shuffle items to and from various rooms. And partially because now I live here:

This is my renovated room. I wish I had “before” pictures to show you because you would be picking your jaw off the floor right now in amazement of how far this space has come in a mere 24 hours. My previous room was a monument to every memory made between the years 2000 – 2004. It literally had not changed one bit since I graduated from high school and left for college. It was nostalgic, but I felt like I needed to set a new tone for the next month while I crash my parents’ pad before I leave for the trip. (Sidenote: I need a name for this excursion. Something less generic than “Roadtrip USA” and less country than “On the Road Again” and less prophetic than “Triple A Parade.” Suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments if you’ve got ’em.) The new tone is perfect. Seriously. I couldn’t love this room any more if I tried. Let’s begin the grand tour…

I can’t not start with my favorite part…the library! A compendium of books from college, books from real life, and more TV seasons on DVD than anyone should ever own.

It naturally follows that a place to read should be located nearby…and luckily, that’s just what we have here. Welcome to the study, also known as the right hand corner of my room where a chair is located. But above the chair…we have another favorite part of my new space…

The shelves…oh, the shelves. They used to contain a truckload of memorabilia. Literally, there was probably enough stuff to fill the back of a Ford F150 on these shelves pre-renovation. When I decided to clean sweep the whole room and start from scratch I hesitated to include the shelves since a) so much of the stuff on them was near and dear to my heart and b) so much of the dust on them would become near and dear to my lungs if I had to take everything down. But I went ahead and plundered away, throwing fears and air quality to the wind. In the midst of the demolition a light bulb came on – I remembered a post on Young House Love about using glass jars to store souvenirs from vacations.  Instantly, a project was born.

Instead of putting stuff back on the shelves individually, I decided to make three themed jars. And the winners were…

San Diego…


and “Ireland” which isn’t so much a destination as it is a decade of my life.

My love for these jars…it’s substantial.

Also loving the shelf to the right (which is somewhat pictured above) with candles and books to be read and the shelf above (also pictured above) with a basket of magazines to be read and these lovely gifts:

Moving right along. Every efficient space needs an office and the new room is no exception:

Every efficient space also needs an entertainment center…

that doubles as a workout room with the addition of a yoga mat:

And most rooms not occupied by the Cullen’s benefit from a place to sleep, so I decided to throw a bed in just for kicks:

(Also, I am beyond thrilled with these lights and flowers by my headboard.)

And that, my friends, is the grand tour! Total cost of the renovations (excluding future hospital visits for dust inhalation): $0. There’s no better price tag than that.

If I’m 42 and still inhabiting this space…don’t be surprised. Be worried, but not surprised.