Today, Jennie is getting married.

Who’s Jennie, you ask? Excellent question. Jennie was my college roommate. And she’s getting married today! And because I’m in the wedding and need to go make myself useful, here are ten quick facts about college days with Jennie:

1. One night, Jennie and I decided to go to Canada.

I had never been across the border before and I had some trouble with the question and answer session because I couldn’t understand the officer. I kept asking her to repeat those pesky questions like “What is your country of origin?” and “Are you carrying any illegal substances?”which didn’t exactly endear her to me. Frustration continued to mount on both sides and when she asked, “What’s in the car?” I didn’t want to give her an itemized list and bore her but I didn’t want to sound like a punk and say “Nothing!” so I went with the full truth and said, sheepishly, “…we are.” The fact that we were not (and are not still) imprisoned in Canada astounds me.

2. We went back to Canada again the next year.

Jennie drove.

3. Jennie and I went to Disney World.


5. I’m realizing at this moment that Jennie and I have traveled together quite a bit. We’ve also been to the Bahamas on our senior cruise. During which, we stayed in a room tinier than our dorm room.

Much, much tinier.

6. This won’t be the first time I’ve helped Jennie put a wedding dress on.

But this will be the first time it won’t be made out of toilet paper.

7. One time, Jennie ran from my car into our dorm with a trash can on her head.

This picture still makes me crack up every time I see it.

8. We lived it up like traditional college students. You know, by farming…

and going to 3D movies…

and having picnics…

We’re on episode -15 of Girls Gone Wild. The one that doesn’t exist.

9. We’ve been to about a thousand and ten formal occasions together…

10. But today will be the most formal of all!!!

Jennie (and Tom!), I’m so excited for you and feel so blessed to be part of your wedding day. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!