(This post is coming to you from the previously-scheduled-post-vault. The PSPV, if you will. Right now I’m still in Rochester, probably at Simply Crepes or Wegmans or the Canal or all three at once. But I wanted to give you a little something to read this morning and couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about the amazing pizza I had earlier this week. Oh my word…so amazing. Get ready ’cause here it comes. Enjoy!)

You thought I had forgotten all about Mixing It Up, didn’t you?

It’s admittedly been awhile since the last Mixing It Up post, but I figured that with the job-quitting and the relocating and the trip planning that life was mixed up enough as it was. That was until Ruggerio’s menu appeared.

Time: 4:30pm.

Occasion: Family dinner planning session.

Result: Mixing it up.

I’m open to mostly anything when it comes to pizza. I’m all about going traditional with pepperoni and cheese but don’t mind the occasional spinach or veggie or meat lover’s. However, I had never been presented with this option before:

WHITE Hawaiian Pizza. White! With a bite taken out of it. By me, not the delivery guy.

I entered into this relationship with fear and trepidation. Before this time Hawaiian Pizza and I had only seen each other on red’s territory, never white’s. Who knew such a thing could be possible? But in the spirit of Mixing It Up I took the plunge, and as is always the case…I’m so glad I did! This pizza was order-it-on-Super-Bowl-Sunday good. No lie. And you know that’s as high as my recommendations go.

Unless you have a serious allergy or aversion to any of the ingredients pictured above, please order a White Hawaiian Pizza this weekend while watching the interesting exhibitions known as preseason games. It’ll make you want to move to Hawaii. Or to the pizza place.

But probably Hawaii.