When thinking about topics for today’s post, I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t make me bored. Not just ho-hum bored, but mind-numbingly bored. (I know I’m really cranking up your expectations for this post…but just bear with me, it might get better!) There’s always food to talk about, but I wasn’t feeling the recipe vibe. There are stories from home and trip planning, but unless you’d like to hear about how my blood pressure continues to rise with each passing day then there’s not much to talk about on that front either.

And then…the mental light bulb.

It’s been AGES since a good Things That Made Me Laugh Out Loud post! At least if two months constitute ages. At any rate, it’s been awhile. But what to chronicle? What has been the laughing stock of my mind lately?

It took about 0.2 seconds to answer that question.

Being at home in the middle of the day offers one a myriad of television viewing opportunities. You begin to learn that there are reality shows for literally everything, including marksmanship, home design, and child beauty queens. There’s a Man vs. Wild spin-off featuring a displaced drill sergeant and hippie.  And 90% of entertainment options feature one or more members of the Kardashian family.

But the one phenomenon that trumps all the rest is the Snuggie commercial. The ubiquitous Snuggie commercial. I was under the impression that the Snuggie empire could not reach a lower low. I mean, how much worse can a flamboyantly patterned blanket with arms get?

Exponentially worse, it turns out, when combined with the 90’s dance craze selectively forgotten by some but forever emblazoned in the minds of others known as the Macarena. Observe at your own risk:

This, aside from making me laugh out loud, begs so many questions. Among them…

1. Who are the marketing directors for the Snuggie, and why did they choose to rewind to one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the previous decade?

2. Has anyone ever made a list of odd American phenomenons? Like pet rocks, pogs, silly bandz?

3. Do any other countries experience these momentary collective lapses in sanity?

4. Have sales of the Snuggie gone up since the Macarena commercial?

5. Do we really live in a country where purchasing a blanket with sleeves seems like a legitimate expenditure?

6. Why are those kids hula hooping in their Snuggies?

7. Why does grandma have a leopard print Snuggie?

8. Has anyone actually been seen in public in a Snuggie? And if so, were they appropriately taunted and pelted with any item within reach?

I could go on and on and on some more…but I need to stop before my brain explodes.

How about you guys? Any Snuggie questions to add to the list?