I’ve had three tabs hanging out on top of my browser for days, just waiting to leap into a blog post. Even though I’d love to feature each individually, the anti-clutter side of my brain says it’s high time for these tabs to get closed. So, today’s the day!

All three have to do with female empowerment, a topic that’s been on my mind lately as I encounter diverse reactions to my plan to drive around the country by myself. There’s still too much being worked out in my head to form a coherent party line at this point (and it’s the weekend…my brain has vacated the premises), but the following blogs/videos all coincide somehow.

Enjoy these reads/sees, and enjoy the last little bit of weekend bliss!

1. Donald Miller’s Blog, with a post about what men really need from women.

2. Sheryl WuDunn on our century’s greatest injustice:

3. The Dove Evolution: