I am happy to report that yesterday’s questions have left the building. Mostly because I have left the building. It’s a beautiful day, so my mom and I decided to get out of the house and go over to Lake George for some R&R&R – reading and relaxation and restaurants. It really is the best assortment of activities.

So in lieu of a lengthy post today I thought I’d share the wealth…the wealth of blogs that I’m subscribing to via Google Reader. I’ve added a few new ones recently that are pretty fantastic. If you have some free time this weekend be sure to check them out!

5280 – Denver does a fantastic job of marketing and PR with this print/online magazine. Other cities, take note!

BabyCakes – what Erin McKenna can bake without the use of animal products, refined flour, and white sugar…it’s unbelievable!

David Lebovitz – always entertaining food and travel insights

Nothing But Bonfires – this woman cracks me up daily…always a reliable go-to blog for a laugh.

Life Through the Lens – inspiring self-taught photographer – check out her flickr photostream too!

The Kind Life – I’m reading the book right now too; Alicia Silverstone makes a compelling argument for veganism.

Also, can we talk about something? Can we talk about the Packers 59-24 TORCHING of the Colts??? Preseason or not, that’s good stuff. I thought I was going to pass out from screams of jubilation several times throughout the night. All I can say is…


Praise the Lord for football. And Fridays. And football some more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!