“What…ANOTHER Monday Three? Yet one more edition of short-changed start of the week blogging? How lame is that???”

Very lame, my friends. But for one reason or another, Mondays have been busy lately. Which means for one reason or another, you all get an abbreviated update. I’m sorry…blame all of the preseason football for distracting me over the weekend.

But, it’s not all bad. There’s still fun to be had.

1. Remember Bethany from the half-miracle-marathon? She sent me this link yesterday and I just about busted a gut or two. I also discovered the beauty of the smart phone: saying good morning to a new day by watching YouTube videos in bed. (My phone and I are getting along much better now…but more on that later.)

My affection for Chick-fil-A is well documented, so you can only imagine my love for this song:

Speaking of I Can Only Image, this is now my favorite rendition of that song:

And those are just two videos…countless more await you! Check out Tim Hawkins today to beat those Morning morning blues.

2. Sometimes, you want ice cream. And sometimes, you need ice cream. Yesterday was a day of the latter persuasion. As fate would have it, Bruster’s decided to torture me by sending me this email:

“The Bruster’s in Irondequoit made Graham Central Station today.”

That was it. Nothing friendly or informational, just salt in the wound. Thanks, Bruster’s. You’re swell.

3. Preview of what’s to come:

My return to the sea. With mixed results.

See you all tomorrow!