Last Friday, my mom and I went to Lake George.

It was delightful.

Then my mom said, “Hey, let’s go for a ride on the Minnie-Ha-Ha!”

The Minnie-Ha-Ha, aside from having a regrettable Indian name, is one of the oldest steamboats in the country. Passengers get to take a one hour cruise around the freshwater streams of Lake George, taking in the beauty of the Adirondacks and the grandeur of the homes along Millionaire’s Row.

This all sounds lovely, right? I’ve enjoyed many a ride on the Minnie-Ha-Ha, but none since the Great Cruise Disaster of 2008 in which I embarked as a perfectly balanced human being and disembarked a medical side show freak of Mystery Diagnosis proportions. I wound up with a hardcore case of vertigo that I haven’t been able to fully kick yet.

Because of this, I haven’t been back on a boat since. But that all changed on Friday. It was back to riding the high seas!

This little guy was riding too…and he seemed ok with the situation.

This guy was parasailing…I couldn’t tell if he was ok or not, but I’m assuming his successful descent means yes.

All in all, it was a fun return to the water. I won’t be buying a houseboat anytime soon, but it was great to see this…

and this…

and this…

from the water and not from the shore. It wasn’t as epic as Hemingway’s novel, but it was a fairly eventful for me.