The bad news is that my car failed inspection for the millionth time in a row. On the (long) list of failures: my windshield wipers. If only I were kidding.

The disconcerting news is that it’s September 1st and I still have 892659283473 things to do before I leave on Saturday (p.s. –  expect a trip update to come this way tomorrow).

The good news is that my mom and I made a shoo fly pie yesterday, which is basically a cure for all evils.

In other news, we went on a fun family roadtrip over the weekend to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

(That isn’t really the word you want to see scrawled across the engine of a plane.)

We also saw things that were not planes, likes cars…

and bugs…

and bikes/dogs/windmills…

(I just wanted to include those pictures but didn’t have any categories…or creativity.)

We also saw this soon-to-be-prophetic sign…

Little did I know I would soon become a participant in said fashion show. There are no pictures of this event for a reason.

But aside from all of the beautiful sights and sounds (great 40’s and 50’s music piped in through speakers), one of my favorite parts of the day was…you guessed it..

the food. Oh, the food. We ate at Bread Alone, one of my featured favorites, and let me tell you…it was worth fighting through all of the unruly Dutchess County Fair traffic to get there. So many wonderful options, all organically grown from a business that is ethically grounded. Knowing those facts made everything taste even better.

Apparently we’re all about the roadtrips here in the Watts house, because I’m about to head out on one last family field trip, this time to the Carrot Barn in Schoharie. I’m sure I’ll return with pictures to post and tales to tell, as always.