Tomorrow, I am leaving my driveway and not returning again for 79 days.

Today, I am thinking about what I’ll miss while I’m gone.

Here’s the short list:

1. Starting every day the same way: coffee and SportsCenter with Mom.

2. Food Network marathons (Top Chef, Project Runway, Chopped, and Cake Boss marathons also factor in here).

3. Impromptu family road trips.

4. Nightly walks around the neighborhood.

5. My newly renovated bedroom oasis.

6. Villa Italia pastries, Putnam market sandwiches (and cookies…), Homestyle lasagna.

7. Catching up with old friends who are more like family.

8. Kitchen therapy.

9. Moms who make a second shoo fly pie just so we’ll have another when the first one gets eaten.

10. Dads who never run out of questions to ask.

11. Early morning bike rides (especially when they take the place of early morning runs).

12. Being home.

BUT, there’s so much up ahead to be excited about…and it all starts tomorrow!

Until then…I’ll just keep eating shoo fly pie.