It’s a well-documented fact that I love farmer’s markets. I love the atmosphere, the objective, and of course…the food. But today marked the first time I’ve ever participated from the other side of the fence as a vendor. Turns out those years in admissions were not all for naught, since I wound up behind a table selling something at a fair once again. Oh, irony. You’re one sly dog.

The first market of the day was a great downtown market, incredibly well-attended with an onslaught of awesome vendors, especially in the area of baked goods. I had a raspberry lemon muffin for breakfast that was more of a scone than a muffin and more of a dessert than a breakfast. It was incredible. And see that peach up there? AMAZING. Seriously, so good. Consider round 1 a success, minus the fact that it was 38 degrees when we left this morning. I had so many layers on that I bore an unfortunate resemblance to the Pillsbury Dough Boy. It was too cold for vanity to be an issue.

The second market of the day was a much different setting than the first; it was actually at an International Peace Festival at a Buddhist center where the Dalai Lama is scheduled to visit next year!

Part of the festival was a three-way conversation about spiritual answers to social problems between a Native American tribal leader, a monk, and a pastor. It was so interesting to see all three faiths intersect for a common goal and to hear everyone’s point of view.

During the 12 hours of markets today I had the chance to meet a ton of cool people and get to know my hosts for the week a little better too. In what felt like a direct answer to yesterday’s prayers, today was about moving past the awkward first steps of the journey and taking the stabilizing second steps. I could tell you all about a thousand other things but I’m beat…and we’re taking off on an adventure (floating down the river!) tomorrow morning, and I want to be fully awake for that!