At the time of writing this post it’s Thursday, and I’m sitting in Bernice’s Bakery in Missoula. I intended to spend a peaceful morning catching up on Google Reader, but the internet connection is nearly non-existent. As Jon Acuff mentioned this morning, God might be internet shotblocking me so that I can sit down and chronicle this moment.

What is this moment, you ask? Oh, only the moment in which I found the missing piece in the food puzzle of my soul. And that piece is a raspberry jam filled croissant.

It was so good that I couldn’t leave it to go back to my car and get my camera, so I had to make do with a cell phone photo. That’s how good this croissant was…it was powerful enough to make me neglect good photography. Disdainful stares, signs proclaiming prohibition, arms already filled to capacity – none of these things have the ability to do what this croissant did to me this morning.

I wish there were a way to instantly deliver food via computer screens. If there were, I would be sending each and every one of you a freshly baked Bernice’s pastry. Any kind you want! They have about a million varieties, and it really should surprise no one that it took me a solid 10 minutes to decide which one I wanted. The raspberry jam filled croissant which I’ve already gone on about ad nauseam but will continue to rave about anyways was my first inclination so I went with my gut. A gut’s always right when it comes to food.

It was everything a croissant should be: buttery, flaky, light, airy. The jam was sweet and tart and there was a perfect ratio of jam to croissant. The perfect ratio also included enough jam-less croissant to be dunked into a hot cup of Bernice’s amazing blend of mocha java. Coffee-soaked croissant? Really? Oh yes, my friends. And it was so good.(Martin, if you’re reading this, make sure you stop here before you leave Montana! You won’t regret it!)

This moment is also the moment where I take a moment to reflect on the trip thus far. Week one = a whirlwind of travel. Week two = a whirlwind of work. The winds are changing. It’s been a necessarily jam-packed schedule, what with trying to fit in 10 – 12 hours of driving per day on driving days and 6 – 8 hours of work on work days. But from here on out I would like to make a concerted effort to linger in places, to get to know them and savor them a bit more.

I’m going to be savoring the heck out of this croissant, so we’ll begin this new plan now. I’ll let you know how it goes.