Remember when I said this?

“But from here on out I would like to make a concerted effort to linger in places, to get to know them and savor them a bit more.”

Let’s read between the lines on that one. And what lies behind each line on this occasion (and let’s face it, almost every other) is food. What I meant when I said I wanted to linger in places was that I wanted to linger in edible places. And when I said I wanted to get to know them better I meant I wanted to introduce myself to every local eatery. And savoring? Clearly, there’s no mistaking my intentions there.

It’s all about the food.

Which is why on Friday morning, I had no choice but to deliver on the promise I made to myself and mankind:

to eat amazing food.

People, what you are looking at right now is a tribute to pancakes. Now, I’ll have you know that I nearly caved and ordered one of the many outlandishly tempting treats in this display:

(those cinnamon buns especially…they had me at hello…) but I forced myself to look away and consider the more substantial and less dessert-like options on this menu:

It was not without a twinge of regret that I ordered the whole wheat blueberry pancakes with maple butter. I mean, they sounded amazing, but I hadn’t yet seen them. And I had seen these…

But, I had this to keep me company while I waited:

That made things easier. And I kept telling myself that whole wheat pancakes are a better choice than a frosting-doused cinnamon roll. It didn’t really work to ward off the second thoughts until this plate of heaven appeared in front of me.

Oh, for the love of all that is breakfast. With the croissant yesterday and the pancakes today, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to look at breakfast the same way again. Cereal? Smoothie? I’m sorry…now that I’ve seen the light I may not be able to return to you.

Until I can’t fit into my jeans anymore. Then I’ll come running back. Literally.

If you’re ever in Spokane, look for this place:

and order the whole wheat pancakes with fruit and maple butter.

And a cinnamon bun vicariously for me.