It’s Sunday, and Sunday should be a fun day. So let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the more entertaining things to happen thus far on the trip.

1. Road signs are always a source of entertainment. First, because they’re always yelling. I may try to go into business designing road signs that are not orange, bold, and capitalized. Second, because they’re always created by someone with deadpan humor and a flair for the dramatic. Case in point, the following in Ohio:


2. On my way to Montana, I stopped at a Starbucks for wi-fi and coffee. While inside I met a man who was very interested in making conversation with everyone who entered the store. When it was our turn, he asked if I was a student at the local college. Nope. The local high school, then? Nope, but thanks for that. I finally just told him the short version of the trip story and we actually ended up having a very nice chat. Until I told him where I was headed, about 3 hours north. To which he said,

“Oh…now sit down and listen. First, you’re going to need to put good shoes on your feet. No sandals. Second, usually when it’s raining here it’s snowing there and it might make navigating the roadways a little tricky. So if need be, just stay overnight in Lincoln. The unabomber used to live there. Remember him? He’s probably not still hanging out up there, haha, so you should be all set!”

You really can’t hear that enough.

3. Upon arriving at my Montana host’s home, they introduced me to their dogs.

Bryce: “This is Myra, Lou, and Dur Su.”

Me: “Dirty Sue?”

Bryce: “No. Dur Su.”

Nothings says hi and nice to meet you quite like insulting a family’s pets. Great start.

How about you guys? Any good stories to share? Leave ’em in the comments if you’ve got ’em, and have a fun Sunday!