Those two things aren’t really related, but they both made me happy.

1. Encouragement.

When paying for something via debit yesterday, I was asked to show my ID by the older Asian woman checking me out. She saw my NY driver’s license and said, “You drive here from New York?” And I said yes. And she said, “All the way here for this?” And I told her no, that I’m driving around the country for about three months. After which she stopped working and said, “Really?” And I said yes.

She put everything down, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Oh, you little, but you brave. You pretty, but you strong. I like to hear this thing you do. I like it!”

I started to say thank you but she was still going. “Oh, you bring me tears! I like this. You can do it!!!”

It was some of the most sincere encouragement I’ve received to date. She made my day.

2. Dessert…all day long.

Today’s day was made by copious amounts of food.

Oh, Seattle. You’re killing my waistline me.

I hit all the major food groups: chocolate, ice cream, cake, and chocolate. Luckily for my well-being and wardrobe, I’ll only be here for a few days. But believe you me…I’ll make the most of them. Calorically and otherwise.