“If a large bearded man with a chainsaw comes by, don’t worry. That’s just Tom. Great guy.”

On a list of great opening lines, this one has to be near the top. There’s really nothing quite like picturing your imminent death and consequent feature on 60 Minutes upon arriving at the home of your host for the week. I would have been a tad uncomfortable with this information had not Wendy and Eric welcomed me into their home with the most open of arms just moments prior. They are literally some of the nicest, friendliest, kindest people I’ve ever met.

Which is why when an island-wide siren went off at 4:30am, I didn’t worry in the slightest. I thought three things:

1. The island is sinking.

2. The island is on fire.

3. Tom’s on the loose.

And then I figured that if anything catastrophic were really happening, Wendy and Eric would come and get me and tell me it was time to row to shore. And then I went back to sleep without a second thought.

It was also Wendy and Eric’s good nature that caused me not to completely panic when I walked into the main house yesterday morning and found that the dogs had broken into a medicine cabinet, downing Robitussin, Vitamin D, and Ban deodorant. When Atlas, the older dog, started having seizures I started to envision my legacy as “that girl who was here for one day and let our dogs overdose and die.” However, consistent with their character, they warned me the night before that Atlas has a propensity for seizures when he gets over-stimulated. That made me feel a little better, though I doubt the drugs helped matters.

It’s been a replete 24 hours, filled with mishaps that have kept me laughing all day long. These people are wonderful. And this place? Unreal.

(That’s Taupin. She handled her cocktail a bit better than Atlas.)

Life is good.