Some may find this post in poor taste considering I just sung the praises of vegetarianism…however, I’m choosing to see this as going out with a bang.

Last night, Wendy and Eric changed my life forever. In that I will never be able to look at a pepperoni pizza the same way again. They introduced me to a new friend. That friend (and foe to my longeviety and social causes) is Papa Murphy.

East Coaster’s – has anyone ever heard of Papa Murphy before? I hadn’t, but apparently he’s the bees knees around this part of the country. And those bees have great knees!

This is what raised the bar for all future pizza consumption:

Are we all seeing this??? It’s like two normal pizzas on top of one another…and a few others stuffed in for good measure. It was UNBELIEVABLE. My apologies to Jonathan Safran Foer and animals everywhere.

If you live near Papa, please go visit him for me. Papa’s a good man.