Remember this? I’m still working on it.

I’ve really been working on it on the trip. Yesterday, after I finished all of the projects in a (self-imposed) respectable manner, I went down to the shore of the island. I’m doing a pretty good job with the first part – being entirely in whichever place I’m in, not planning ahead to the next day or week or location. But being still-minded in that particular place…that’s an entirely different battle.

I went down to the shore and collected beach rocks.

And tweeted about my location.

And took a thousand pictures.

And checked ferry times for tomorrow.

And read a few pages in my book.

Before I realized that I missed a good rock.

And a good picture.

And another good picture.

And realized that I forgot to check on college football scores.

And found a few more rocks.

And remembered that I was not supposed to be multi-tasking in a thousand directions.

So I laid on a piece of drift wood and started listening to the waves crash in and out, the birds flying overhead.

And then I started writing this blog in my head.

And took some more pictures.

And considered stopping a lost cause.

I still have no idea how to completely slow down, but hearing this sermon last week helped put things in perspective. Whether you’re a Martha or a Mary or somewhere in between, I’d highly suggest giving it a listen.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Have a great weekend!